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Be kind to your feet

Take care of your feet.
Take care of your feet.

(NAPSA) – Springtime is quickly approaching, and soon area stores will be showcasing the new spring fashions in sandals and warm weather shoes. While you may be ready for the new season, your feet may not. It is the perfect time of year to remind yourself how important foot care is and to take notice of the condition that your feet are in. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has created the following 10 guidelines for better foot care:


  • Don’t ignore foot pain, it is not normal. If any pain persists for more than a week, see a podiatric physician.
  • Inspect your feet regularly. Pay attention to changes in color and temperature of your feet. Look for thick or discolored nails, and check for cracks or cuts in the skin.
  • Have new shoes fitted periodically to make sure you are wearing the correct size. Don’t just rely on the size you have “always been,” but get fitted and be sure.
  • Wash your feet regularly, especially between the toes, and be sure to dry them completely.
  • When you come in from out of the cold don’t use hot water to warm your feet. Start out with tepid water and increase the temperature slowly to avoid burning your feet.
  • Alternate shoes – don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day.
  • Avoid walking barefoot; your feet will be more prone to injury and infection.
  • Select and wear the right shoe for the activity that you are participating in (i.e., running shoes for running).
  • Be cautious when using home remedies for foot ailments; self-treatment can often turn a minor problem into a major one.
  • If you are a person with diabetes, it is vital that you see a podiatrist at least once a year for a check-up.



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