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Bridging the gap catagory smaller

Bridging The Gap
Intergenerational activities

Mini Herb Pots

There is a renewed interest in gardening that is showing up in many areas across the US. While many kids today are unable to experience the pleasure of having a backyard garden that can grow lots of herbs and vegetables, they can try gardening on a much smaller scale. Introduce herb growing to the kids in your life with this month’s inter-generational activity called Mini Herb Pots.


Small Flower Pots (with good draining)


Herb Seeds or Plants

Hand Gardening Tools

Popsicle Sticks (Plant Markers)

Paints/Markers to decorate


Find out what herbs that the children enjoy ahead of time. Easy favorites are basil, mint and cilantro. Next, go down to your local home improvement store and purchase some small inexpensive flower pots. For more successful results, you will want the ones that have good drainage. For the herbs themselves, you can either get seeds or plants. Sometimes plants are easier for kids to get excited about since they don’t have to wait to use them. Include the children in researching how to plant and care for their herbs (sunlight, watering, pruning, etc.). Then plant and find the best spot to place the pots. Then let the kids write the names of their herbs on the popsicle sticks and decorate.

Make sure to prepare some recipes with the kids using the herbs they grow so they get a real feel for the “food to table concept.” You could even take things a step further and grow fruits and vegetables with your kids and grandkids depending on where you live. You will be teaching them that food comes out of the ground and takes a lot of love and care. It doesn’t just magically appear on the shelves at the grocery store.







Humorous quotes
Read these humorous quotes and sayings and have a laugh to brighten up your day.



“Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.” 

 – Al Bernstein




it takes two new category

It takes two






For June, Home Front Magazine tests your familiarity with abstract word pairings. See if you can match up the following word pairs that belong together.


  1. Desire                      
  2. Knowledge 
  3. Courage
  4. Pleasure                        
  5. Love
  6. Truth
  1. Trust
  2. Deception
  3. Will
  4. Strength 
  5. Pain
  6. Power



Name That Tune
Name that tune - catagory small




Try to guess the name of this summer-theme song from the 1956 musical Carousel.





“…The moonlight is shining on the shore
And the girls who were contrary
With the boys in January, …”




Remember when catagory smallest
 Remember when …
Each issue, we ask readers about a memory that tells a story. We will publish some of these stories here for fellow readers to share




What was your favorite childhood ice cream place you enjoyed during the summer?




Total Recall




June is National Iced Tea Month. See if you can come up with the answers to these tea-related questions below.


  1. _______ tea is made with bergamot oil and named after a nineteenth century British diplomat to China.
  2. The British tradition of ____________, was introduced by the Duchess of Bedford in 1840. This came about to curb hunger since dinner wasn’t usually served until 8 pm.
  3. __________ is the art of reading tea leaves.
  4. _________Iced Tea is an alcoholic drink that does not contain any tea.
  5. Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg started _________Iced Tea in 1987 in New York. Today they have over 30 different tea flavors to choose from.






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