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Macy’s Day Parade Balloons With The Most Versions

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November 2015 Top 5 Macy'sThe Thanksgiving Macy’s Day Parade is a family tradition enjoyed by both kids and adults. An exciting part for everyone are those huge character balloons that tower across the city. According to a NYCtourst.com, Felix the Cat became the first giant balloon in 1927 to ever take part in the Macy’s Day Parade. Popular characters from movies, television and comic books have been included throughout the years with some being updated featuring multiple versions. Below are the Top 5 Macy’s Day Parade character balloons created with the most versions.


#5 Pikachu (3 versions) – 2001 (Flying), 2006 (W/Poke Ball), 2014 (Holiday) and Superman (3 versions) -1939, 1966, 1980 (Largest)

#4 Harold – Macy’s Novelty Balloon  (4 versions) – 1945 (The Clown), 1946 (The Baseball Player), 1947 (The Police Officer), 1948 (The Fireman)

#3 Ronald McDonald (4 versions) – 1987 (W/Balloons), 2000 (Traditional), 2009 (Ice Skates), 2015 (Rebooted)

#2 Mickey Mouse – (4 versions) – 1934 (Standard), 1972 (Colorful), 2000 (Bandleader), 2009  (Sailor)

#1 Snoopy (8 versions) –1968 (Aviator), 1969 (Astronaut), 1987 (Skating), 1988 (Christmas), 1999 (Millennium), 2001 (Macy’s 75th Anniv), 2006 (Flying Ace), 2013 (Snoopy w/Woodstock)


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