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Spring Cleaning And Your Mobility Equipment

spring_cleaningFor most of the US, the “Winter of 2011/2012” has not been much of a winter at all.  Many have been anxiously waiting for the cold temperatures and snowfall to hit without any real change at all.  With April just around the corner however, it is time to breathe a sigh of relief and officially welcome spring.

While spring cleaning the home and getting it ready for the new season is a familiar ritual, this is the perfect time of year for your electric scooter or power wheelchair to get a new look too. Most likely your powerchair has spent the bulk of its time indoors and is ready to get back out there and be seen again.

The first thing you will want to concentrate on is the tires. Check for wear and tear (especially if uneven as this could mean an alignment issue or incorrect air pressure). Take a close look to make sure that there isn’t anything sticking into the tires that you may have run over. Hair, thread, weeds, etc. can get caught up in wheels which can prevent the wheels from turning freely and cause the unit to run slow. Remember you do not have to worry about air pressure or puncture problems if your scooter or power wheelchair has flat-free tires.

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     Next check your batteries and charger to make sure they are working properly. You do not want to be in the frustrating situation when you are out and about and your powerchair conks out. To ensure your batteries are ready for 4 – 6 hours of continuous driving time during the day, you should charge your equipment each evening. It is a good idea to charge your scooter or electric power wheelchair at least once a week if you are not using your chair. Your charger will not even come on if your batteries are completely dead. Here you would need to find another source to get some juice to the batteries and to get your charger working again. If your chair has sat for a long period of time with dead batteries, they may need to be replaced. Most batteries have a life expectancy of one to two years and the older the batteries get, the shorter the driving time. Much like caring for an automobile, being prepared and following these simple guidelines will provide a safer and more-enjoyable ride.

We all know how a new haircut or stylish clothes can make you feel like a million bucks. Well shining up your scooter or power wheelchair can result in the same uplifting feeling and really improve your ride. Any all-purpose cleaner will work well on the tiller, shroud, battery case, floor board as well as other standard parts.  Just be careful not to get any liquid on the electronics as this could really damage the unit. To spruce up vinyl seats and wheels, Armor All really brings out the shine. It is also a good idea to sanitize your equipment using one of the many anti-bacterial cleaners on the market. Pay extra attention to the areas that the hands touch since this is where a lot of bacteria accumulates.

Spring is the ultimate time of year to cruise around enjoying the outside again. You made it through those dreaded winter months and deserve the renewed spirit that April brings. Now with a safe and spiffed up scooter or power wheelchair, you will be riding in style.

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