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Useful Hotkeys


November 2015 Tech Whisperer Hotkeys mainIf you’re like me and you find yourself performing the same functions on your computer daily, hotkeys can be a great way to speed up your work or browsing. They often make your computer feel more fluid once you grow accustomed to using them.

The list that I have compiled will have some things that you may find relevant while other hotkeys may seem like something you would never have a reason to use. If you think about what you use your computer for most often, then you should be able to find the most effective hotkeys. For writing, I find that the text hotkeys have become second nature now to navigate quickly within documents.

Finally, if you work in a certain program consistently, take a look at the hotkeys for the functions that you depend upon. Often times, using a hotkey is much faster than clicking around; this saved time can really add up if you spend your work day in the program. Hotkeys are normally listed next to the function when selected within the program’s menu.


• Basics

ctrl + x (cut)

ctrl + c (copy)

ctrl + v (paste)

ctrl + z (undo)

• Form Navigation

tab (go to next field)

shift tab (go to previous field)

• Within Text

ctrl + arrows (move word by word)

ctrl + shift + arrows (select word by word)

ctrl + delete (delete word in front of cursor)

ctrl + backspace (delete word behind cursor)

• General Use

ctrl + a (select all)

ctrl + f (find function)

ctrl + p (print)

• Chrome Specific

ctrl + tab (switch to tab on the right)

ctrl + shift + tab (switch to tab on the left)

ctrl + # (switch to tab based on number [for example ctrl + 3 will choose the 3rd tab from the left])

ctrl + t (new tab)

ctrl + shift + t (open last closed tab)

ctrl + w (close tab)

ctrl + n (new window)

alt + d (moves cursor to address bar, allowing you to type in a web address easily)

• Windows

alt + tab (switch between applications [continually hold down alt, press tab until you find the application you’re looking for])

windows key + D (go to desktop)

windows key + E (open file explorer)

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Peter LoPinto

Peter LoPinto

Peter LoPinto is an audio engineer located in Savannah, Georgia. He has worked in web­based marketing and other computer projects including a few video games. He is currently an audiobook editor. Working in a profession dependent on computers and software, he has dealt with many common issues in technology. He has discovered a number of ways to cope with the problems the internet can throw at you and writes about them in his column, The Tech Whisperer.

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