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Using Technology To Increase Your Resolve


January The Tech Whisperer feature picWhile you can choose to make a change in your life at any point, there’s just something that feels clean about the fresh start a new year brings.  It can be easy to remember past failed attempts and wonder what will change this time around. So why not do something different? Below are a list of apps and websites that are designed to make your resolutions achievable.



January The Tech Whisperer 1st picGetting in shape and staying healthy

  • Strava – This phone app records your walks, runs, and bike rides. You can track your progress over time and attempt to beat old records.
  • Zombies, Run! – If you’re looking for a running app designed to be more entertaining, this mixture of a game and exercise tracker fits the bill. Various missions encourage you to get moving to survive the zombie apocalypse.
  • Drugs.com Medication Guide – Sometimes the supplements and medicines you’re taking can be difficult to keep track of. This app allows you to keep track of everything that you’re putting into your body. This way you can discover potentially harmful side effects when you’re changing your medication habits.
  • My Diet Coach – This app combines nutrition, dieting habits, and exercise, making it an all -encompassing solution to stay healthy and in shape.
  • Nutrition Journal (only for iphone) – This app is designed to keep track of what you’re putting into your body. It allows you to track your diet and discover any vitamin deficiencies you may have.

January The Tech Whisperer 2nd picOrganizing your life and managing your time

  • Strict Workflow – Utilizing a Pomodoro Technique of workflow management, this simple computer addon keeps you on track to work in 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks. Once you click the addon’s icon, the 25-minute timer begins, and it restricts you from visiting popular distracting websites such as Facebook and reddit. You can also add websites to the list to block those as well.
  • Rescue Time – This addon keeps track of what websites you spend your time on, categorizes them by how productive they are, and sends you a weekly summary in your email. You can keep track of your weekly productivity and customize which websites count as productive for your particular web experience.
  • Universal Password Manager (UPM) – There is no better time than now to add some variety to your passwords and save the information to a safe place. Many people have one password for multiple online accounts, which is a risky strategy. If one is discovered, many of your accounts can be broken into. UPM allows you to catalog your passwords and gain access to them with one master password.
  • Planner Plus – This app is an improved version of the planner many of us are used to. It allows you to schedule dates, make notes for yourself, and track your tasks by status.


January The Tech Whisperer 3rd picManage your money

  • You Need a Budget (YNAB) – This program works with both your computer and mobile device. Set monthly allowances for categories and enter your purchases as they happen on your phone. This program has solid reviews, and it seems to be something that has worked for people who have past issues with budgeting.
  • Mint.com – This app has many of the same features as YNAB, but it also allows you to pay bills through the app.


January 2016 The Tech Whisperer 4th picLearn a skill

  • Duolingo – This app is one of the most popular tools to learn another language. You can access it on your desktop or mobile device, and it has a wide variety of languages. Additionally, it is setup to feel like a game with achievements as you progress.
  • V-tie Necktie Guide – While this is a relatively simple resolution, many a man has been in the frustrating position of needing someone else to help him with his tie. This app is designed to provide you with a quick lesson or refresher on a few knot types.
  • Type Fu – With this site, you can learn how to type more accurately and quickly. Eventually, you can learn how to type without even looking at the keyboard.
  • Codeacademy – There are many reasons to learn how to code; its ubiquity in society grows daily. Codeacademy is designed for beginners but also for those with prior knowledge, and you can learn how to code in a number of different languages.
  • Learntocook.com – This website features recipes and how-to guides for those of us who don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen. And it’s a great technique to reinforce getting healthy and saving money.


Resolutions can be intimidating, but hopefully these services can make the battle a little easier. Just remember that there will be hurdles and setbacks, but ultimately, you control your own destiny.

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Peter LoPinto

Peter LoPinto

Peter LoPinto is an audio engineer located in Savannah, Georgia. He has worked in web­based marketing and other computer projects including a few video games. He is currently an audiobook editor. Working in a profession dependent on computers and software, he has dealt with many common issues in technology. He has discovered a number of ways to cope with the problems the internet can throw at you and writes about them in his column, The Tech Whisperer.

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