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Declutter Your Home And Give Unused Items A ‘Second Chance’


(NAPSI)—Here are five simple, effective tips to help you clean out any junk you’ve accumulated—and make some quick cash in the process.


  1. Start with storage spaces. Formulate a plan and take it one room at a time, starting with storage spaces (closets, basement, attic, the garage). You’ll need the space as you move through each room and reorganize your items.


If you find that you haven’t used the things in your storage spaces since last year, you can sell them on 5miles, a free local marketplace app. You’ll create plenty of space to properly store needed items.


  1. Use the “Four Bucket” method. This makes it simple and efficient to organize your clutter. In every room, evaluate each item and pick one of four buckets:

Store it—If you think it’s useful and necessary to keep in your home.

Sell it—Make some money off your old items (or donate them).

Trash it—If it’s worn out or broken, just toss it.

Recycle it—Determine which items, if any, can be recycled.

Separate all the items in each room or space into the four categories, and move forward accordingly.


  1. Ruthlessly purge. For some, it can be hard to get rid of old items. However, it’s worth clearing out old junk for the joy of a clear, uncluttered home.


When deciding what to do with an item, ask yourself: Does it improve your life? Does it really hold sentimental value? Would it be hard to replace? If the answer to those questions is no, it’s time for that item to go.


  1. Give things a chance. For items that are in good condition, give them a second chance by listing them in the Free & Donations category on the 5miles app. There’s always someone in need so not only are you clearing up space in your home, you are also helping others find something they’ve been looking for.


  1. Sell as you go. Selling your items can be as simple as snapping a few pictures, writing a quick description, and uploading them to the app. Keep your phone handy so you can easily post items as you move along.


The faster you list, the faster you’ll sell and the faster your home will be emptier. Just make sure to move the rest of your clutter out of the photo.

For those who want to go the garage sale or yard sale route, 5miles allows you to list or find garage sales near you in the new Deals & Events section of the marketplace. This way, let your very own neighbors take unwanted things off your hands.

Learn More –For further facts, go to www.5milesapp.com.

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