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You Don’t Have To Be Irish – To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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There are many discrepancies about the life of St. Patrick. Because he lived during the fifth century, it isn’t entirely clear which things written about him are true and which things are just legend. Whether you believe he actually drove the snakes out of Ireland or was just a great religious leader, March 17th is a day to honor St. Patrick. You don’t need to have a drop of Irish blood in you to join in this celebration. Here are a few ideas to feel the ‘luck of the Irish.”




Wear green

Whether it is a shirt, hat, tie, or pin, let the traditional color of St Patrick’s Day shine through. Just donning a bit of this happy color will make you speak in an Irish brogue.



Put on some Irish music

Ever since the popularity of the Broadway show, “Riverdance,” Irish music is a festive choice to help get you in the proper mood. Dance the jig to a folk tune or listen to the old standard, “Danny Boy.” Let the true Irish spirit move through your veins.



Try tasting some Irish favorites

From the Americanized tradition of corned beef and cabbage to a delicious Irish soda bread, the flavors of Ireland are waiting to be enjoyed. Finish your meal by washing it down with a cold mug of beer. Even If you are on a vegan or gluten-free diet, you can easily tweak the usual recipes to fit into your lifestyle. It is more about incorporating the flavors and spices of Irish cooking than specific entrees. As long as you take part in the fun-loving atmosphere that the holiday is about, you will be partying in style.


Go out and celebrate

There are many pubs, restaurants and community centers that celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Call and friend and plan to paint the town green. Check online to see what local activities you may be interested in.


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